Sunday, May 2, 2010

hey can i get one of those?

i have been smoking cigarettes for three weeks, just picked up the habit after i broke my collar bone. never been a smoker, and will stop at the end of this week when i head to my show. you cannot really smoke there. and i really don't see being a smoker as part of my life, i ride bikes and the habit just won't fit in my lifestyle.that being said i have enjoyed smoking them! at first i was like this is silly, makes my head light, and clothes smell. well, i can see why people are addicted. the smoking habit is one of subtleties. the hand movement while talking, the moment before you light the cig, the need to take a break from whatever. the conversations you have with others standing around smoking. the coffee and the smoke. glorious lovers. i found myself last night pissing over the cash girl, as i stood there debating which brand should i try? i have found myself enjoying smoking. now if you know me, then you know i don't smoke. people around town have basically had the reaction of "what the hell are you doing?" good question..if my mother reads that i will get hell i am sure. i still think smoking is a horrible habit, and this will be my last week as i close for this show. but damn i have enjoyed it a bit. also just to even out the scale, here are the shitty side effects i have been experiencing; my lungs have tightened up, i have less energy after i smoke, i have had some irritability when i forget that i am a smoke now, my clothes smell, people yell at me to stop that shit, and i cough up shit in the morning. so all in all, smoking culture is nice, i will miss the camaraderie of hey we are all killing ourselves with this shit, but lets just do it anyways and talk about something else, but the side affects of dying a bad death and not being able to ride my bike really fast and all day out weight it but a elephant's mom. here are some more paintings i am doing between 3-5 a day, depending on my schedule with my baby girl-peace.


Tracey Broome said...

JEFF!!!!! Put those damn things down!! My dad died from lung cancer three months after Wesley was born. It broke my heart to see him too weak to hold her and knowing that he wouldn't live to see her grow up. He would have loved her so much. You DO NOT want your little girl to go through what I went through when I lost my dad at the age of 60! So enough with the preaching :)
The paintings look great, Wesley is absolutely in love with hers and I think it is inspiring a new direction in her writing. I still miss your pots though.

cookingwithgas said...

yep put that shit down.
My father made it to 69 before he died of lung cancer- need we say more?
Love the baby and give the cigs up. said...

i will. it is a deadly and undeserving habit!