Thursday, May 27, 2010

summer groove

so much going on in my life right now. seek and ye shall find. wherever you are i wish you unlimited growth and abundance!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


about to paint. i have been working a getting into a tight schedule with my work. the goal is to crank it out when i don't have my daughter. it is important to me to be present with her, and she needs lots of my attention.and i want to give it to her. making work with a soon to be four year around is next to impossible! so on days when she is with her mother, i like to have a 8 am start time. i really can get much done in six hours of painting. anymore and i lose the fever a bit, plus there's a lot of other shit in life besides pushing oil around. like cleaning up my clay studio! i have not touched it since i broke my collar bone six weeks ago. it is a disaster, huge platters left in mid creation, all kinds of stuff has been stored in there. scary shit people. it will be a full day job. i rather split in two, and get some of these folks who will be making pots in my studio this summer, to come over and help straighten it up! here are four rooster paintings..a lady who owns a folk gallery requested these, she sells a lot of rooster work. i am up for that, never painted a rooster before, but really liked it. two of them look like ducks playing dress up. even better. have a great day!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

double down sucka.

a lot of things have happened since i last blogged. started up a lawn care business. martin's mowing "mow for your money". thanks to the support of my friends, i have landed five accounts in the first week. going out and estimating jobs was interesting, seeing that my last experience with pricing lawns was when i was fifteen, and the customer would tell me what they would pay. looking back on that is funny. i would mow big lawns, with a small scrappy old mower, listening to guns and roses or metallica on my tape deck, mowing for two or threes hours and getting paid jack. and by jack, i mean jack mother fuckin squat. haha, they would throw me a twenty, and i was rollin, money for skate gear and the movies, but mostly for gambling at the pool tables. i would go to fat daddy's restaurant, to the downstairs bar section, with my ratty looking skate friends. high on nicotine, salty french fries, and lots of coke(cola), we would play each other for smokes, and every now and then land a daytime drunk, or older teen, and try a swing a hustle. our young looks and size made for a good decoy. little did they know we lived in my buddies basement, shooting stick into the early early, we were obsessed. every now and then we would get taken, and walk out with only our smokes and skates. still fucking happy and high on the fallen hustle. i got in too deep early on, before the fat daddy days, in my buddies basement. i keep betting double or nothing with the older neighbor, steadily losing my shit, getting deeper and deeper in the hole. finally he called it off with me owing a couple of hundred. i was thirteen. i thought it was all a joke, i wasn't going to pay him. he then explained to me that i would pay him, or his friend who like to break people's noses would coming to see me. he explained that his friend was a kung fu master kind of guy, he would probably use his foot to break my nose. i was a bit freaked out, this guy was no angel himself, and the only reason he didn't pummel me for shirking on a bet was neighborhood politics, namely my 6ft5" step dad and uncle who were a bit intimidating to piss off. whose to say if his friend would have done shit.....needless to say i settled the debt for half, and had to come clean with my parents to get the money. no more gambling on pool for me after that one....well, okay no more doubling down past more than i had in reserve!....but as far as the parents thought, no more gambling...shooting pool for cash taught me many lessons, and built my confidence., i landed my first real job at 15, by beating the day manager at burger king. that is another story in it's self. a bukowski one at that..i continued to shoot money for pool until my late twenties, due to my mixing booze in the equation, i am not sure how i did overall. i would say i am up five;) yes, the new lawn hustle is new on many fronts, estimating, promoting, buying equipment, but yet very familiar on so many others. the memories are being dragged up from the bottom of this ocean, i am swimming in my youth while the clippings fill the air with promise, the sweat baths my skin with life, and the sun kisses my skin. i love the lawn biz. the art show last week was ok, nothing spectacular on the money front. my daughter was there, i so lots of friends, and the sun was shining, so over all it was great. i also had a huge shift occur in me that is revealing itself more and more. here is a process series, that shows the oil on glass method. have a great day-peace.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

steak knife cardboard

yesterday i painted my last painting before the show. i will be leaving with my lovely assistant liz tomm. around ten am. usually these days are frantic and stressful. not so much anymore. selling/taking paintings versus pottery, is much less laborious. mainly due to the kiln cycle necessary in clay. paint a painting and that is it. especially since my frames are inclusive. i make and decorate a pot and that is only half the process. secondly, the sheer volume is different. i take a hundred clay pieces down. i am only taking twenty -five paintings!. any potter who has done shows, knows the never ending cycle of packing, unpacking packing ect. here is what my day looks like in terms of show prep.
1. blog
2.wake up baby girl, get ready/take to school
3.hardware store trip
4.install hanging hardware
5.cut boxes to size
6.cover paintings
7.go to lunch with friends
8.cover paintings
8.5 drop off some painting for a friend to transport to show
9.assemble show gear onto driveway.
10.wrap chicken coop in chicken wire.
11. kick the now too big to live inside chickens out!
12. prime windows for live painting
13.pick up baby girl
14.load truck
16.load truck
17.water plants
18. babygirl bedtime
19. go hit up disco-techs. with some fine ladies from barcelona.
20. wake up from dreaming from falling asleep while putting emma to bed. a movie/decompress.
there you go. it feels good to have all the work done ahead of schedule, and having done a show with paintings last week, feel comfortable with how things will be packed and set up, ect...having an assistant is really nice too.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

hey can i get one of those?

i have been smoking cigarettes for three weeks, just picked up the habit after i broke my collar bone. never been a smoker, and will stop at the end of this week when i head to my show. you cannot really smoke there. and i really don't see being a smoker as part of my life, i ride bikes and the habit just won't fit in my lifestyle.that being said i have enjoyed smoking them! at first i was like this is silly, makes my head light, and clothes smell. well, i can see why people are addicted. the smoking habit is one of subtleties. the hand movement while talking, the moment before you light the cig, the need to take a break from whatever. the conversations you have with others standing around smoking. the coffee and the smoke. glorious lovers. i found myself last night pissing over the cash girl, as i stood there debating which brand should i try? i have found myself enjoying smoking. now if you know me, then you know i don't smoke. people around town have basically had the reaction of "what the hell are you doing?" good question..if my mother reads that i will get hell i am sure. i still think smoking is a horrible habit, and this will be my last week as i close for this show. but damn i have enjoyed it a bit. also just to even out the scale, here are the shitty side effects i have been experiencing; my lungs have tightened up, i have less energy after i smoke, i have had some irritability when i forget that i am a smoke now, my clothes smell, people yell at me to stop that shit, and i cough up shit in the morning. so all in all, smoking culture is nice, i will miss the camaraderie of hey we are all killing ourselves with this shit, but lets just do it anyways and talk about something else, but the side affects of dying a bad death and not being able to ride my bike really fast and all day out weight it but a elephant's mom. here are some more paintings i am doing between 3-5 a day, depending on my schedule with my baby girl-peace.