Tuesday, April 27, 2010

yo la tengo.

alot to blog about, but limited time. i have a show in 9 days, and very little stock. i had a blockbuster show, almost sold out. i had to borrow a hundred bucks to get there. faith is action baby. well, the window frames were a hit, people like the stained glass aspect. i have some big ideas to pursue with them after this next show. i did six paintings while there, and having ran out f windows started using old tin i found on site. that was a stroke of luck, people bought those up too! so i will be painting on all kinds of shit besides canvas. which is great, canvas coast too damn much, for the speed at which i paint. i hope to knock out twenty in the next nine days. the "office" has turned into a painting studio. i have a painting studio downtown, but time is too crunched for me to use it now. the time is now! i will also have my rabidly beautiful wildfire daughter with me. should be interesting. only got one shot, my help for the show Jaimie, and then forget to bring my camera.thanks jaimie, you rocked! awesome potter extraordinaire tracey broome got some shots of me. her pots were very nice, i loved the houses. go big with those girl! i loved meeting her and her family. her husband and i are cut from the same fucking cloth i tell ya. and her daughter is very sweet and talented in her own right. super hero family, in my book. alright off to paint .peace


Tracey Broome said...

Jeff, it was great seeing you at Shakori and Wesley is loving her painting. Her room smells like oil paint, so cool! you are so right about you and Gerry being from the same cloth, you too would get into lots of trouble together if we lived nearby :) Glad you did so well at the festival, as soon as I paid you for Wesley's gift, I went back to my tent and sold the same amount in pottery, you give, you get.......noice.

www.jeffmartinceramics.blogspot.com said...

that is great. yes, i really liked talking with gerry. we should get together again!

Anonymous said...