Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iiiiits showtime johnny!

getting ready to head off the mountain tomorrow. setting up at shakori hills, this will be the seventh show i have done there. it is a great venue, lots of music and good vibes. usually i take down a boat load of ceramics, but due to by broken collar bone, i will be showing paintings only! this is both exciting and uncertain. i have a good following of people who collect my clay work down there, but there won't be a single mug in my booth. i also was splitting the booth with a friend, who does fiber arts, but alas, she has pulled at at the last moment. all good, i have a friend who is going to be my assistant, and there a some folks down there that are ready to help me set up my booth. i love adventure, so this is right up my alley. i will take lots of photos and look forward to sharing my journey with yall. i have had tons of help, with everything, alot of folks pulled through, and i am grateful for having such good people in my life. while i thought i was down to only one arm, i have realized that i have dozens of arms, and feel blessed to be part of such a tight community. here are some oil paintings down on old reclaimed windows. see you when i get back. peace!