Friday, April 9, 2010

big wheel keep on turnin'

i get asked, so how do you come up with your designs/ideas/inspiration.., what kind of dreams do you have, are you high, have you been to south america...the list goes on and on. i work very intuitively, relying on the state of inspiration to be channeled. i feel that everything is already in existence, we just find it, or bring it to the surface. every song, every painting, every feeling all of what has been and is happening, already is. i can wrap my head around that, just got to leave time and fear out of the equation. limitless energy, nothing created nor destroyed. only perception narrows the boundless field. have you every sat down and just wrote and time stops, and you realize you have used a language that is unspoken, yet you see the words before you? i feel the same about painting, i just show up and the ancients collide with destiny while my mind is freed, solving inner enigmas that each of us carry from birth. painting is birth, music is birth, dance is birth, decay is birth, love is birth and hate is birth. get it. me neither. i just show up and feel it all. so here is a quick painting i did about two hrs of work, mingled with singing off key really loud, responding to texts, throwing maebelle's ball and drinking yerba. the first process shot has little to do with the end painting, yet it was the first step i took. such is life!