Tuesday, April 27, 2010

yo la tengo.

alot to blog about, but limited time. i have a show in 9 days, and very little stock. i had a blockbuster show, almost sold out. i had to borrow a hundred bucks to get there. faith is action baby. well, the window frames were a hit, people like the stained glass aspect. i have some big ideas to pursue with them after this next show. i did six paintings while there, and having ran out f windows started using old tin i found on site. that was a stroke of luck, people bought those up too! so i will be painting on all kinds of shit besides canvas. which is great, canvas coast too damn much, for the speed at which i paint. i hope to knock out twenty in the next nine days. the "office" has turned into a painting studio. i have a painting studio downtown, but time is too crunched for me to use it now. the time is now! i will also have my rabidly beautiful wildfire daughter with me. should be interesting. only got one shot, my help for the show Jaimie, and then forget to bring my camera.thanks jaimie, you rocked! awesome potter extraordinaire tracey broome got some shots of me. her pots were very nice, i loved the houses. go big with those girl! i loved meeting her and her family. her husband and i are cut from the same fucking cloth i tell ya. and her daughter is very sweet and talented in her own right. super hero family, in my book. alright off to paint .peace

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iiiiits showtime johnny!

getting ready to head off the mountain tomorrow. setting up at shakori hills, this will be the seventh show i have done there. it is a great venue, lots of music and good vibes. usually i take down a boat load of ceramics, but due to by broken collar bone, i will be showing paintings only! this is both exciting and uncertain. i have a good following of people who collect my clay work down there, but there won't be a single mug in my booth. i also was splitting the booth with a friend, who does fiber arts, but alas, she has pulled at at the last moment. all good, i have a friend who is going to be my assistant, and there a some folks down there that are ready to help me set up my booth. i love adventure, so this is right up my alley. i will take lots of photos and look forward to sharing my journey with yall. i have had tons of help, with everything, alot of folks pulled through, and i am grateful for having such good people in my life. while i thought i was down to only one arm, i have realized that i have dozens of arms, and feel blessed to be part of such a tight community. here are some oil paintings down on old reclaimed windows. see you when i get back. peace!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

whats another word for pirate treasure?..

what have i got myself into? secret treasures bring new found joy!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

recipe for success

here are a couple of paintings. the face and hands, is done, the "elephant" still has some minor hashing out to do. today the green house gets more glass, and i try and crank three paintings out before we do some soccer with the kids later. here is a good piece on how to maintain, applicable to any profession. came across it on joshua flint's blog. now to wake up emma. peace.
Be an artist- not an art slave. Find a ritual that works for you. Stay connected to the river of ideas…your inner voice…your muse. Whatever you choose to call it, art is a spiritual process. If you aren’t cultivating a relationship to creativity, you probably won’t have one when you need it. Here are a few tips that work for many artists I know, including myself. The only problem is: you have to do them every day to make them work.

1. Get up happy. Say some affirmations. Get rid of the negative chatter in your head-that voice that says things like, “I’m not coming up with any good ideas. I’ll never make this deadline. I’ll never be good enough to do this job.” Instead, train that voice to say something positive. Reprogram yourself. “I am illustrating books that people love. I am happy with my art. My career is going great. I am a successful artist…” This might sound too simple, and you’ve probably heard it before from the self –help gurus. Have you ever actually tried it….consistently over a few months?

2. Exercise and stay healthy. This is not an option. When you feel healthy, you are more open and ideas come more quickly.

3. Sit quietly each day, do yoga, or meditate. Get calm and peaceful so that when the ideas come, you actually realize they are there. Worry, anger, fear, and other emotions actually block the ability to grasp those sparks of imagination.

4. Create a place and time to be at work. This is important if you are working at home. Your mind needs to understand, “I am now at work. I will now be creative.” So sharpen your pencils, put on music, sit before your drawing table and begin.

5. Don’t talk too much about your ideas; this depletes some of the magic. On a subconscious level, your wonderful idea has become a real thing in the world. It’s not real, and it won’t be, until you do it. So, instead of sharing your magnificent thoughts, go make the work happen.

6. Take time outs doing something you love. Go to a museum. Sit by a lake. Walk through the woods. You must replenish yourself. Fill the well. Don’t view this as goofing off…this time is very important.

7. Don’t be a workaholic. This is difficult, because you won’t know it, until it’s too late. Your friends and family will know it before you will. ONLY YOU CAN CONTROL THIS. Be the work police and set your own boundaries. Make a contract with yourself. “I do not wok on Tuesday and Sunday. I go on vacation without my work. I have lunch with a friend on Friday every week. I only work from 9am to 2pm.“ Put up a sign. Remind yourself that you are free to set your own schedule. Work as late or as little or as early as you want, but make sure you’re enjoying the pace.

Friday, April 9, 2010

big wheel keep on turnin'

i get asked, so how do you come up with your designs/ideas/inspiration.., what kind of dreams do you have, are you high, have you been to south america...the list goes on and on. i work very intuitively, relying on the state of inspiration to be channeled. i feel that everything is already in existence, we just find it, or bring it to the surface. every song, every painting, every feeling all of what has been and is happening, already is. i can wrap my head around that, just got to leave time and fear out of the equation. limitless energy, nothing created nor destroyed. only perception narrows the boundless field. have you every sat down and just wrote and time stops, and you realize you have used a language that is unspoken, yet you see the words before you? i feel the same about painting, i just show up and the ancients collide with destiny while my mind is freed, solving inner enigmas that each of us carry from birth. painting is birth, music is birth, dance is birth, decay is birth, love is birth and hate is birth. get it. me neither. i just show up and feel it all. so here is a quick painting i did about two hrs of work, mingled with singing off key really loud, responding to texts, throwing maebelle's ball and drinking yerba. the first process shot has little to do with the end painting, yet it was the first step i took. such is life!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

one way to lose these walking blues..diamonds on the soles of my shoes

still crippled, but don't give a damn. painting lots and got a green-house being built on my property. baby chickens coming this weekend, and emma staying with me for next five days, life is jammin'!

Friday, April 2, 2010

hey hey hey

thanks mike for hooking up some sweet frames and hanging the paintings. today is so beautiful, i won't waste a minute more on here. art crawlin tonight..peace

Thursday, April 1, 2010

oil invasion

my house is becoming a painting studio!