Tuesday, March 2, 2010


again i am torn with the desire to sit and write about my work, and to get out in the studio and work. people often ask,"how do you make so much work?", the answer i give is i just make the work. everyday i am consumed with the desire to create. anyone who has lived this way knows it is both a blessing and a curse. why a curse you ask, well if i am not able to make work, i go a bit mad. i am tethered to the blessings of close contact with the most high. the vibrations that i feel demand translation, i am merely a conduit. the flow must have a manifest or it is denied a complete cycle and becomes backed up, a fevered froth of visions and colors, crashing against the innermost sodden walls of my soul. the levy will break. and i will be swept away in abundance of gorgeous drift. i have always "seen" shapes, figures, visual compositions, much like a person who composes music must have notes and phases surrounding them in what most hear as everyday sound. as i have gotten older the frequency and intensity of these visuals has increased to the point where often words are not longer words light and shadow are no longer light and shadows. things just appear. someone can speak a sentence and i see a visual phrase of color and form. this is why music is the highest form of communication in my mind. it is a seem-less thread encompassing emotion, form and time. i look at my art as my music. and i have to have my music everyday. know what i mean?

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