Monday, February 15, 2010

we have a WINNER!!

hey thanks everyone playing. i am happy to say that micheal kline is the lucky winner of my secret secret silent no rules contest. micheal won being the fiftieth person to follow my blog. who would've guessed. we have been waiting for you! anyways, the next giveaway will also not be named in the spirit of the tao teh ching it shall be hence known as the eternal contest, and nameless in origin, "the Mystery of mysteries is the Door of all essence." got it? good. all the snow is making me closer to the eternal crazy i do believe. off to the studio, have a great day...micheal, email me your address`it was a tough contest folks, but hey don't give up the next one is not so soon to be not named also.

1 comment:

Michael Kline said...

cool. i'm embarrassed that it took me so long to "follow" In actuality I've been "following" for much longer, but just clicked that button recently. I guess timing is everything!