Monday, February 22, 2010


new day new week. waiting for the latest platter kiln to cool, interesting, my dreams the night before i open a kiln seem to be very vivid and strong. in this one i was trying to unload my kiln admist some sort of convention. the space was huge, and there were tons of people milling about with trucks parked right next to my kiln. i was trying to unload but it was too hot. my life story.
this week looks to be a busy one, i have a "travel mug" and bowl order, which i traded for a scag mower. that's right folks i will be starting a lawn mowing business on the side. i love to do landscaping, worked for a small company when i was a wee lad, and in middle school my buddy josh and i had a lawn and leaf business. really it was just me, he was to busy playing nintendo to show up. i love being outside, the smell of the grass, music in my ears, good exersize, plus the summer up here are to die for, not to hot at all. most people don't own airconditioners..just the elderly and wussies. martin's mow will be the name for now. i would only like to take on 10 or so customers, get them on a rotation. let me know if you would like me to cut yours! now what does this have to do with art? everything! as f. loyd wright might say. i wouyld mow his lawn for free. not. every one pays, one way or another. here are the finished haiti auction paintings. i am happy to say that two of them sold and along with some mugs, a good chunk of change is going over there to help. getting paid for my art is cool, but knowing i can help others by making art is the best feeling of all. peac to you, and have a sweet day. it might be your last you never know.


Tracey Brome said...

That girl is looking more like you every day! Glad to hear folks are supporting the arts/Haiti all at the same time, the paintings are fantastic! You are so right about the summers, we used to rock climb up that way a lot in the summers, heaven! said...

thanks tracey:)

prin said...

I'm trying to figure out what "moun" means.

Good luck gettin' your mow on. :D