Thursday, February 18, 2010

healing for haiti..

there is a silent auction this weekend that is part of a event called healing for haiti, click on highlighted link..besides some ceramics liz roberts and i are donating three/four? painting that we collaborated on. we have different styles, this was lots of fun! b i have been wanting to get some "art money" over there to help out, and this looks to be a good fundraiser, coming out if you are in the high country area! on a side note i saw a brand new red cross hummer driving around the other day! talk about mis-appropations of funds, this is why i do not donate to large charities, and instead look for grass root organizations. really do we need a seventy thousand dollar red cross hummer up here for? it made me sick!..anyways, the world is full of it, and i can choose who i give my money to thank god. off to work have good day. and yes i am drying my clothes in the doorway, i can't stand the dryer smell and i already burn too much electric using my kiln! plus it is a natural humidifier. man i miss my clothes line!

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cindy shake said...

Great art! Good on ya' for lessening your carbon footprint. My Mom still uses a clothes line -I'm too lazy :o( plus freeze dried is tough to do!