Saturday, February 27, 2010

days gone by

well it has been a couple of days since i have been doing any work, the combination of my daughter being out of school, working my part time job, and lack of sleep do to my daughters cough have made the last two days a washout in terms of studio work. this is not altogether a bad thing, for it gives me times for ideas to gestate, and really gets me excited about getting back in the studio. i have the painting bug again, and man its bad. i daydream paintings in my head, and have become a bit obsessed with light quality, staring at peoples faces, and going through old Christies auction catalogue getting inspired. i am going to get some canvas today and get into it. i be using white, burnt umber, and french marine? black this time, i want to work on depth quality, and texture in color. black seems to be flat and simple. our eyes will make black out of very dark blue, but it the quality is more round. in the studio i hope to finish off the next series of platters, and start some commissioned work that i have been putting off. the cristina cordovaa demo was rad, she is very articulate about process, i wish i had brought the video. i could relate to allot of her visual concepts, and so of course i am in love with her work! would have stayed longer, but they were going to make simple molds of the head she was doing, and i already know the process, not that exciting to watch. would talk more about her, but need to paint a picyure with my daughter before a swim birthday party we are going too. adios!

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jim gottuso said...

hey jeff, cristina's work is wild! i'll have to see if our clay club is interested in getting her to come visit some time. i dig the platter with the big horn shape across the head... looking forward to them all fired.