Thursday, February 11, 2010

blizzard demo

wow that was a crazy intense storm yesterday! mother nature kicked ass like a cold-hearted bitch. sub-zero, 70mph winds ten ft snow drifts, pretty awesome. feel very fortunate to have shelter, and heat..hell i was making pots in this weather loving life. this is a real winter. i rather have this then mediocre wet is a demo, where i quickly show the process on how i make large platters these days. throwing dry allows me to go big quick and speeds up the whole drying process alot. anyone who has ever done big plates, knows drying times are long!..i just made this process up, but i am more than sure someone else was doing it long before me. such is the world of clay. hope you like it. carpe diem!


jim gottuso said...

great video jeff and you're a funny guy too. interestingly, i was thinking of voulkos before you said it. said...

thanks jim. mostly funny looking! yes pete is is in my studio quite often, sayin' push it man! there you go!..;)