Saturday, February 27, 2010

days gone by

well it has been a couple of days since i have been doing any work, the combination of my daughter being out of school, working my part time job, and lack of sleep do to my daughters cough have made the last two days a washout in terms of studio work. this is not altogether a bad thing, for it gives me times for ideas to gestate, and really gets me excited about getting back in the studio. i have the painting bug again, and man its bad. i daydream paintings in my head, and have become a bit obsessed with light quality, staring at peoples faces, and going through old Christies auction catalogue getting inspired. i am going to get some canvas today and get into it. i be using white, burnt umber, and french marine? black this time, i want to work on depth quality, and texture in color. black seems to be flat and simple. our eyes will make black out of very dark blue, but it the quality is more round. in the studio i hope to finish off the next series of platters, and start some commissioned work that i have been putting off. the cristina cordovaa demo was rad, she is very articulate about process, i wish i had brought the video. i could relate to allot of her visual concepts, and so of course i am in love with her work! would have stayed longer, but they were going to make simple molds of the head she was doing, and i already know the process, not that exciting to watch. would talk more about her, but need to paint a picyure with my daughter before a swim birthday party we are going too. adios!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


just a quick post, before i go to the studio. had a couple of days where i didn't need to have the wood stove crankin', but alas the old man is back and his breath be mighty cold this morning. had a successful kiln, all five large platters 100%. this is great, i now have a firing program that works well, no fear of thermal shock. this was a single fire also, it took about 28 hrs total time.(open kiln) so rally i am saving quite a bit of energy and $ in the firing cycle. it can be done! single-firing rocks. i will post some photos of the platters soon, again i am trying get into a friends professional studio to have this done. they are much too big for my light box, and well i just want shoot them proper you know? here are some works in progress. i had a stellar black and white platter come out, in which i was painting light thinned out layers of slip. very happy with it so i am going to go that direction for a bit. something about the black and white, the emotion is more cerebral than physical, colors are sex, black and white the discussion afterwards?

Monday, February 22, 2010


new day new week. waiting for the latest platter kiln to cool, interesting, my dreams the night before i open a kiln seem to be very vivid and strong. in this one i was trying to unload my kiln admist some sort of convention. the space was huge, and there were tons of people milling about with trucks parked right next to my kiln. i was trying to unload but it was too hot. my life story.
this week looks to be a busy one, i have a "travel mug" and bowl order, which i traded for a scag mower. that's right folks i will be starting a lawn mowing business on the side. i love to do landscaping, worked for a small company when i was a wee lad, and in middle school my buddy josh and i had a lawn and leaf business. really it was just me, he was to busy playing nintendo to show up. i love being outside, the smell of the grass, music in my ears, good exersize, plus the summer up here are to die for, not to hot at all. most people don't own airconditioners..just the elderly and wussies. martin's mow will be the name for now. i would only like to take on 10 or so customers, get them on a rotation. let me know if you would like me to cut yours! now what does this have to do with art? everything! as f. loyd wright might say. i wouyld mow his lawn for free. not. every one pays, one way or another. here are the finished haiti auction paintings. i am happy to say that two of them sold and along with some mugs, a good chunk of change is going over there to help. getting paid for my art is cool, but knowing i can help others by making art is the best feeling of all. peac to you, and have a sweet day. it might be your last you never know.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

healing for haiti..

there is a silent auction this weekend that is part of a event called healing for haiti, click on highlighted link..besides some ceramics liz roberts and i are donating three/four? painting that we collaborated on. we have different styles, this was lots of fun! b i have been wanting to get some "art money" over there to help out, and this looks to be a good fundraiser, coming out if you are in the high country area! on a side note i saw a brand new red cross hummer driving around the other day! talk about mis-appropations of funds, this is why i do not donate to large charities, and instead look for grass root organizations. really do we need a seventy thousand dollar red cross hummer up here for? it made me sick!..anyways, the world is full of it, and i can choose who i give my money to thank god. off to work have good day. and yes i am drying my clothes in the doorway, i can't stand the dryer smell and i already burn too much electric using my kiln! plus it is a natural humidifier. man i miss my clothes line!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mugged culinary schmulinary..

anyone else spending a lot of time shoveling snow? jeez louise!
so this is a recent conversation in my head. i stand looking at the row of large platters, starting to amass and take over my studio.
should i make some smaller work? i am enjoying making this large platters, working first as a potter, and then as a painter, i am well fed, my belly need for variety stuffed and slumbering joyfully as the hands sing a song in colors across the clay. but yet the nagging thought forks my mind, shouldn't i make some mugs? why after all they sell well and these platters aren't exactly in the impulse snack isle. i have procure a part-part time gig waiting tables twice a week, to offset the fact that i am not selling as much
fare, this winter has been a new adventure in cooking with clay, and while it has been a success in the studio, i have yet to get financial feedback from the public. yes it would help if i put these platters in more than one gallery, and yes this is the off season. and as far as the pagoda planters go, they are quite tasty but ice cream does not fare the masses palate in dead winter. as i write the aroma of decision becomes palpable, i can fairly taste the answer that seeps out from under the silver colander of personal inquiry. i should make some damn mugs! this entry was dully faceted out of my mind after imbibing ken burns delectable mark twain documentary;)

Monday, February 15, 2010

we have a WINNER!!

hey thanks everyone playing. i am happy to say that micheal kline is the lucky winner of my secret secret silent no rules contest. micheal won being the fiftieth person to follow my blog. who would've guessed. we have been waiting for you! anyways, the next giveaway will also not be named in the spirit of the tao teh ching it shall be hence known as the eternal contest, and nameless in origin, "the Mystery of mysteries is the Door of all essence." got it? good. all the snow is making me closer to the eternal crazy i do believe. off to the studio, have a great day...micheal, email me your address`it was a tough contest folks, but hey don't give up the next one is not so soon to be not named also.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

where doth thou heart live?

happy valentines day. i am spending it with my lovely daughter, she is a great light in my life. so is the work that i am so blessed with. hows that song go..change the world with my own two hands...i have had a good weekend, not been in the studio, which is a challenge for me. actually i have only not been in there for one day! whatever, it seems like a long time. i have just got my clay order for the wood firing that is coming in the beginning of march. i will sit down and make a list for the work going in mark's kiln. three different types of clay..three different styles of work. the second round of pagoda planters is about done, and i am going to finish out a round of large platters this week also. tonight i start a collaborative set of paintings for a silent auction benefiting haiti. three, acrylic on wood. with liz roberts a very talented artist. should be fun. what did i do yesterday? your looking at it. emma has her own kitchen now, she is stoked, been slaving over the stove all morning! and here i am with my new dan finnegan mug in the never ending snow. dig it!

Friday, February 12, 2010

pagoda planters

so much new work in the studio, i have got in over my head with it all. so the plan is not to start any new work, until the second round of pagoda planters are in the kiln is the first round, i am quit happy with them. really these are miniatures of the ones i am looking to make, say four to five feet. i also would like to have bonsai trees/plants seated in them. the concept is to have an ancient quiet movement to them. off to the studio. have a great day!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

blizzard demo

wow that was a crazy intense storm yesterday! mother nature kicked ass like a cold-hearted bitch. sub-zero, 70mph winds ten ft snow drifts, pretty awesome. feel very fortunate to have shelter, and heat..hell i was making pots in this weather loving life. this is a real winter. i rather have this then mediocre wet is a demo, where i quickly show the process on how i make large platters these days. throwing dry allows me to go big quick and speeds up the whole drying process alot. anyone who has ever done big plates, knows drying times are long!..i just made this process up, but i am more than sure someone else was doing it long before me. such is the world of clay. hope you like it. carpe diem!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

life translates life

pagoda planters will be posted, got a surprise in the mail, and new shit on the fringe. first i digress and enjoy the snow!