Saturday, January 9, 2010

lost in translation

very sleepy will comment on these mananna goodnight.,
alright, damn nothing like a good nights sleep to change one's perspective! last night i was feeling like what the hell am i doing here..i know myself well enough now though, i was really tired and resisting ignoring my morbid thoughts i pulled the sheets uptight and passed out. now life is full of possibilities and glorious again...funny how easily the brain can develop a view dependent on simple needs such as sleep, hunger, sex!!! that's know what i am talking about..needs baby..anyways....back to the clay,for that is a whole other blog...the platters are moving right along, working on what would be the third series now. i find that this is a whole new way of working, it is really pushing my comfort zone. first there is no rushing these, the drying time alone is about two weeks. coming from a place where i was slip-casting, having the ware dry in a matter of hours and firing a kiln every week, the contrast feels absolute. i have much longer to think about the design, and have started again a sketch book, which is an overall great tool. i recommend it strongly. the ideas are kept better and allowed to ferment in a viable way, whereas in my head they can be lost first of all , no problem, or stagnate just being rolled around mostly....and lost. with these platters i am working in two directions. 1. i am trying to simplify the design aesthetic and 2.experiment like a motherfucker...learning as much as i can about the stains,slips,glazes that i since i have so much time waiting for the platters to come around( i now have the fourth round made running out of table space)i will focus on test tiles..something i have never done. this will be nice to have a visual palette on the studio wall i can reference. i have always seen this on other clay artist's walls, and said to myself..that's nice....also i have a new new new new camera(i break shit, it's my electrical field. causes things to drop and what not), and cannot figure how to rotate the pics..the sculptural piece is 180 degrees o9ff here.