Thursday, November 5, 2009

more evil..less perfume please..

well well, i am busy today. just finished a dark painting in acrylics for the nth show tomm. the show started off as a halloween show, and now will be res-shown for our towns art-crawl tonight. the theme was dark halloween shit, and i was told to paint something to fill in a blank space on the wall. i tried to get dark, but was feeling very un-dark i painted this 2x3 ft masonite, while listening to happy music and chatting with customers who came into hands gallery yesterday...really didn't know where i was going with it, has been a couple of years since i messed with acrylics, but i liked the fast pace in which i could work them. the painting went through several stages, as i try to show here.besides that today i am decaling slip-ware, casting pots, and buying t-shirts for tomm. screen-print run which i am pumped about, since james is letting me get my hands dirty with the process and screen some of my shirts...soon i hop to be completely in control of the whole process..i am buying the shirts from the thrift store since, and will use the money made to buy some nice shirts for the next run...also, it is possible to wear too much perfume ladies, i will never buy conventional spinach(sprayed) again(tasted like metal), and obama seems to be another cog in the great machine..albeit a shiny and pretty one..wassup health care-reform package? bullshit! these are my organic free-range opinion of the world for today...

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