Thursday, November 12, 2009

just draw my cigarette till you make my good ashes gone..

cigarette blues by bo carter...damn good you gotta hear it before you die kinda song. anywys, this will be short, i am very busy, getting ready for a big weekend with the fashion biz and starting to produce work for the show in dec....i got experience my first fashion shoot yesterday. it was fun! i was the make-up guy, photographer, and bottle water(well tap water) provider for my very patient and awesome model elizabeth. i was going for a sultry look with the make-up a little over the top and her hair was the main prop, trying to catch it in action. this led to her getting frustrated(not really) but i wanted her to look a little mad, she seemed to start laughing every time i said "get angry" i just shut my mouth...watched too many fashion shoots on t.v. caused me to be a little pushy, when really she did best left to her own was an over-all success, and i look forward to shooting with some nice clothes from american apparel soon. i have got alot of good advice and know the direction i will take this. also the backdrop could be a little more funky..i need a red brick wall. a funny side note the blush is red-oil pastel i shaved with a razor. there you go ladies a secret fashion tip from yours truly...thanks elizabeth! and thanks crystal! for letting me borrow your awesome camera....these shirts are available in my esty shop, and i will be putting the rest up later today...

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