Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ceramic cleavage

no reason to explain. i am back never really left. just been swallowed whole by the face-book social my art-life marches on, always evolving, and bored by the finished product mostly. i am stuck in the high of process and new territory...the main focus has been a ping pong dance back and forth paint and pot...mostly now i am slip-casting, which has thrown me more into the surface design, and less into the making of each piece. when i get honest about it, i am just trying to get my paintings on my that such a crime? maybe, but i always felt most deviously comfortable in translating the lines of obscurity. painting is both the poison and antidote. yes, i want to abuse ceramics and sling around tradition. hell i don't even feel like a potter these i am robbing the vaults of ceramic history for whatever loot can help to glue my vision of color and collage. been experimenting with slips, stains, underglazes, glazes, and next decals...all in the hopes of transposing the images of creation and decay, through color, texture and language. these are some tea-cup shots from my last show... so in short i still don't know shit and am very happy finding out something new in my art everyday.