Thursday, June 11, 2009

living in color..

i am slacking on the blog, here are some new paintings, one is i am still working on.. i am torn between the two worlds, during the dat i work on ceramics, which i am in a bit of a rut, need to make some new molds, and start some large wheel worked pieces. the paintings arejusyt coming out, one every two or three days., only had a couple on view, and they sold, which is a good sign. i really like working in the oils, i am learning something new each painting. i will try and keep this blog flowing with pics, it is raining, and i am brewing some strong yerba. ready to paint. add music and i am off into another world for a couple of hours...i love my job.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

plaster disaster and the biggest moments of my life...

.yes, life is awesome right now, so many new events manifesting and my art life is the fullest ever. i will let the pictures do the talking,....hope you are well, and living everyday full. it is why we are here, to experience and learn. which is what i am doing with this damn plaster. God has placed me on earth to learn the limitations of my using flashing for the mold container...the almighty has spoken in the abstract sending a powerful sign three times, the plaster did run. the vision appeared after the third, a strong dream came to me, in which i went to the hardware store, and build the wine goblet frame out of wood and with clamps. clamps my son!, stop fucking around here....these are the words that echoed in my mind... paintings are moving along,these two are alomost there... i am waiting for the raw frames, to finish, and i will be showing and painting this friday at the art crawl..also,i am sufficiently addicted to face-book. as i write i am curled up in the corner of the bathroom shaking,..have not checked my homepage in over ten hours..the withdrawals are bad man,.... it happens people. i have been posting most of my work life and cerebral wanderings on there. hey, join the good fight and be my friend. use my name or for the search. you really get a day to day experience, sometimes hour to hour depending on how bad i am distracted from real life.