Thursday, May 7, 2009


working for one-self in the ceramic/art world, in my experience is non-stop. i am preparing to leave for the firts of two shows, and have been busy making work all week. today is pack day and get errands that have piled up over the week cleared out...i will be going down to black mountain to the
LEAF, it is a good size music/arts daughter will be camping with me at night and we will run around in the morning together. i am bringing my easel, and have a new booth setup that my buddy built for me yesterday. here is a couple of paintings that emma(almost 3), did and and i inked on them. she loves making art, and these little collabrations are just the begining for us!..!....more later, when i am more relaxed..gotta run!


jim gottuso said...

totally dig the collaborations... did a few with my daughter too. i hope they stick with it.

sutrotower said...

Remember, the one with pink hair belongs to Mimi.