Saturday, May 2, 2009

market then auction..

my kind of livin'..sell some art, then buy someone else's old junk!..farmer's market today was great big turnout, good sales, great to connect with my community! here is a vid of emma leading the way through the video is of a red head woodpecker..they are quite big, and their is a pair that live on the property..mixing glazes and working the molds now, will glaze a kiln later..after the auction! i am stoked, this is the real deal. i will get some video of the action!


Linda Starr said...

I love pileated woodpeckers, thx.

Kraxpelax said...

Personal Advertisement. /My I Ching studies. I can assure you, a thriller for Peers. Commons will not get a shit of it. /My Poetry.

- Peter Ingestad, Sweden

jim gottuso said...

emma is quite the tourguide