Friday, May 22, 2009

rotting my brain..

been doing alot of painting as of late...stepped into oils and am happily slipping into apigment induced coma..the lady at the art store suggested that i stop painting with my finger, or risk "rotting my brain out"....right on track with that.  the slip work is moving ahead too, forur new forms designed, a large platter, two mugs, and a tall daughter is graduating from pre-school today...should be exciting!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


i am slacking on my blog, so much work that my days are consumed with potting and painting..i am working in both mediums at a fairly thick pace.. got shows, and galleries to fill. plus my ass is domesticated don't ya know, gardening, mowing ,planting, building, staining sanding, folding clothes and cooking for mis and mi babygirl. ..this is good, i just have no time really to show yall whats happening. to the hardware store for stains and dispaly hardware, then gym and back to unload and glaze a kiln, followed by some more painting...i will sleep when i'm dead.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


damn good busy right now, pot during the day paint at night....will post more later, need to fill a kiln. here is a painting finished at my last show...have a good day yo.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


working for one-self in the ceramic/art world, in my experience is non-stop. i am preparing to leave for the firts of two shows, and have been busy making work all week. today is pack day and get errands that have piled up over the week cleared out...i will be going down to black mountain to the
LEAF, it is a good size music/arts daughter will be camping with me at night and we will run around in the morning together. i am bringing my easel, and have a new booth setup that my buddy built for me yesterday. here is a couple of paintings that emma(almost 3), did and and i inked on them. she loves making art, and these little collabrations are just the begining for us!..!....more later, when i am more relaxed..gotta run!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

moving and groovin...

taking a quick break in working here, been filling up the table with pots pretty steady for the last five hours, will have a full kiln load by tomm. morning. the first glaze kiln will be ready to unload by then, and it is round two before my show this week. on the employee tip, i had let him go, he was a no call no show teo days in a row. it is better, he was looking for something full-time anyways. so now i have an artist who comes up from greensboro on the weekends to work as assistant manager of the farmer;s market, to help me. i will train her in the slipcasting method the weekend after next and she will work six hrs a weekend. this works out better, since art is her dedication, while the other guy just needed work. she also has some clay experience. to top it off we are trying to get a two person show at a gallery in greensboro, so this will be good for us to co-ordinate our work. she is a painter, and i look forward to working with her. i told yall, that once i opened the employee door, that was it. and i mean it, i have set up my work to incorporate an assistant., so that i can raise my income ceiling. raise the roof yo. here is a clip of me and some friends at an auction. it is the real deal. i ain't telling you where it is at. i want to do a documentary on this family, they are off the hook. in this clip, towards the end of the sale, everything gets real two dollars artist friend, chrissie is bidding on a poem magnet(they think it is a picture frame), and little did she know she bought the whole table!. she does awesome mixed media paper clay sculpture with found objects, which she gets from here..she was the one who turned me on to the auction, she has been going for over twenty years...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

market then auction..

my kind of livin'..sell some art, then buy someone else's old junk!..farmer's market today was great big turnout, good sales, great to connect with my community! here is a vid of emma leading the way through the video is of a red head woodpecker..they are quite big, and their is a pair that live on the property..mixing glazes and working the molds now, will glaze a kiln later..after the auction! i am stoked, this is the real deal. i will get some video of the action!