Wednesday, April 15, 2009


have i started to pack up for my 10 am depart time?..hell naw! i also wait till the morn, then it is a mad scramble of loading, packing, more loading, and then shoving off when a ton of pots and some side art to sling on down the road. travelin' man..have pots..will travel..been real busy, ran two kilns, back to back... got about one hundred pots to take down, and some paintings that i am doing now. i also plan on taking my easel and painting to the live music that will be fifty yards from the booth. i have always got a prime spot right in front of the main stage..i am too tired to unlod the pics of the last couple days work, but here is a quick clip of two paintings i did last night/this morning...they are done with house paints on masonite..very fun, gonna do another tonight!

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sutrotower said...

Glad you are doing some painting again. I think painting happens when you are changing - or maybe it is the painting that changes you. Good luck with the show.!