Thursday, April 30, 2009

what is the 401k homie...

well, life in the the art biz will never be same for me. i have tasted the joy of having an employee do the jobs i'd rather not do. that is right i have hired someone to come on borad and take the jeffmartinceramic experience to the next level. he is working right now, two hours a day. he is a woodworker by trade, and is out of work. the plan was to have him work trhis week, so i could crank it for my two shows coming up. i have him doing the slipcasting, pouring,releasing, and cleaning. it frees me up to concentrate on looking at the facbook, just kidding! really, it allows me do do the designn work on the pots and so far my output has doubled since he has been here. i learned a little secret of capitalism, outsource basic labor! at first, i was like i don't really have the money to pay someone, but once i crunched the numbers, it is well worth my while to bring someone in to do the simple tasks that consume much of my time. i just have one part of the equation to fill, keep the pots moving! bringing someone in, means i can expand with my galleries and and online biz. so, i do not know how long he will work here, but i do know this, i am all about having a part time assistant now! it is on! i also enjoy the company, he has good tatse in music(mine), and likes to drink the yerba mate with me and make some pots...sweet. here is a small vid, of him being laborious..and the new mug form i casted, it is huge. emma's teacher uses it and wants a custom one. ..

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


miss me? awww i missed you too!i took a break from blogging, it has been real busy around here, spring has arrived. in between working, playing and being a papa, i have been planting as much as in can! i got six friut trees in the ground, 2 peach, apple, pear, cherry and a fig. along with some ground cover and three rose friends helped out and that was awesome. also started seedlings for the garden. my last show was a big success in many areas! also i am painting again, which is good for me. and finally the farmers' market starts up this weekend, i have a big four day show next week, followed by art in the park show, and galleries to stock. soooo, i got a part-time employee! there is no turning back now. he is working two hours a day, i am teaching him the slipcasting method, which frees me up to crank out the sgraffito. very exciting..and also i am severely addicted to facebook. like everyone else it seems! hit me up if you are on there..look up here ar some new paintings, they are done with house paint on masonite, the joker guy is still in progress...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


have i started to pack up for my 10 am depart time?..hell naw! i also wait till the morn, then it is a mad scramble of loading, packing, more loading, and then shoving off when a ton of pots and some side art to sling on down the road. travelin' man..have pots..will travel..been real busy, ran two kilns, back to back... got about one hundred pots to take down, and some paintings that i am doing now. i also plan on taking my easel and painting to the live music that will be fifty yards from the booth. i have always got a prime spot right in front of the main stage..i am too tired to unlod the pics of the last couple days work, but here is a quick clip of two paintings i did last night/this morning...they are done with house paints on masonite..very fun, gonna do another tonight!

Friday, April 10, 2009

chiggidy check!

where have i been? everywhere! so much livin' i squeeze out the time to blog! thats is alright. livin full is where its at. i have been very busy, planting, potting,...i will post some pics tonoght..l;oding the kiln as we speak. have a good one! is sat morning and i have quite a bit to do... finished loading kiln last night, but will not fire until tonight. i am going to bust out some more slip ware today, go to the gym and start on some paintings that i would like to bring to next week's show. they will be acrylic on masonnite. lots of bright colors, very excite to start them. also this evening i will be going to an auction with some friends. that will ebfun, to try and get some funky stuff for cheap. i hope tp score some old pictire time to unlaod and process here is a video of emma from breakfast yesterday..almost everymorning is like this.. she is off the jook. like eating breakfast with someone who is drunk and has a.d.d....

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

snow squalls..

here is a pic of me on sunday watering a newly planted pear it is twenty two degrees out and snowing..ahhh spring.thank goodness for the woodstove in the studio! made a three coffee mug molds and three platter molds..ready to go!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

chow da thai..

my ass is going to eat some thai food..great day in the shop..three new molds made, all firsts..had some friends stop by, and keep me company while i played in the plaster. my dog is good company mind you, but it was nice to have some people to engage with. i do miss that part about working a "real job".....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

good show..

the kiln was a beauty, the liner glaze came out creamy and complicated, a rich green, with subtle hints of blue and brown. i added more gertsley borate, twice the amount actually...also stocked a new gallery with the work,hung with baby-girl outside.. .long day too beat to think about it anymore see ya mannana.