Thursday, March 12, 2009


sooooo...gramps seems to like his new "apartment". his roomie is also a ww2 vet, so they get along good. the social aspect is great for him...has only been there a day and thinks he has been there a week, and has plans on buying half the building. this is wonderful! i feel light and free, excited about being back on the my slip, plaster and masonite shipment in today. i am ready to get this party started. emma is with her mom, this will be the first weekend i have no one to watch after in a very long time..well at least for tomm., i am keeping emma on sat. so crystal can go see ani difranco..lucky!


Christine--RHP said...

yay for freedom, fresh supplies, and functional co- parenting!!!
New pots lookin good! Glad your grampa likes the new digs--that's wonderful all around.

PancerBali said...

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