Monday, March 16, 2009

new fromat..

well, it is early and i just saw my mom off. the coffee is staining my blood stream, and my mind is booting up...i like blogging better in the morning, when i am refreshed and full of promise for the day. so, i am going to switch up the fromat (format, i just like saying fromat), and blog in the morning, i will do a brief summary of the prior days work, along with pictures, and any thoughts on the direction that i am going to take my work to today....and anything else that falls into my thought stream as i boot up for the day..i will be finishing deco work, by adding some color to the tumblers..casting some tall tumblers, and loading the bisque kiln...i am going to take dolly's like, and put no color a a few of the tumblers, just black and white. i first started out, only putting one red heart on each piece. it was my signature, but as with everything evolution could not be held back, and in my heart i am a painter, color is language, so the introduction of more color seeped in...i will post pics tomm morning, have a good day!