Saturday, February 28, 2009


yeppers..someone use to say "yeppers"all the time..was it family, friend?..try it out for yourself. i say it quite often. here are some more finished pieces, from the test kiln. i am trying out a commercial slip. it works great. so, i will order fifty gallons and let the party start. i am feeling like working today, which is good, for i have much work to do. a busy potter is a happy potter....on a funny note, i live a larry david sort of life, scenes straight out of "curb your enthusiasm"..every day an adventure. today i went to the gym, worked out with my buddy freddy. it was a good work out. we push each other. he was on the decline bench machine, a cross hybrid between free weights and circut machine. i was helping with is last couple reps., holding the bar, and well he gave out and i didn't let go. i was pull into him, my face an inch from his. it smushed my fingers good. the same fingers i smushed in the garage door two days ago..well if you had been watching us, it look like i bent in and was kissing him. we were dying laughing!..this gruff looking old man who was broader than he was tall came over and said" you ladies lifting or are you playing?", he then sat down and pumped out ten reps like it was no problem. he then informed us that he used to do twice that when he was our age. the look on his face said .."you two ladies are wimps"..well, i tried not to laugh, but i was still tickled by the almost make out scene that happened. he said alright fellas, and walked away. we made his day i am sure! after my workout i was on my way to get groceries , when my friend jay called and said stop by stick boy where he was working. i needed a"protein load" i ordered a smoothie with 3 scoops of protein powder, peanut butter, banana, and soymilk. well the smoothie was more like cement and it about broke the machine. the girl was flustered, and i was saying we got get a protein l;oad here, t-minus 30 and counting..(the body takes protein best i hour after a workout)..people were trying to help her, at one point she said "why do you need this much protein? i busted aflex and said the pythons are hungry. she hadn't expected that response i don't think....she was an exercise science major, so she took it all in stride...the scene ends with two shakes being made, since she had to add alot of liquid to it, and my friend saying to me, protein load?..are you taking this too far maybe., i said not at all. the protein window is closing fast..and the day has just begun;)