Thursday, February 19, 2009

save the date.

good! slip is good! slip good=life happy. i am busy loading the kiln and poring slip, doing deco, the race is on! i pick up my daughter is half an hour, then gym,..ect..i will post new work pics tonight around 9pm est. see you then!
here some more finished work..


MudStuffing Pottery said...

Nice work, love it! Are you finding slip is faster for you than throwing? Is this a new slip recipe or something from HW? I know... I am full of questions today. BTW - today is the day I drink from my Jeff Martin mug! said...

keith! we are all this cyber world!..yes, much faster on the back end. taking time to make the molds is heavy clockwise, but i can multi-task and make work at the same time..f when i am on the wheel, i am on the wheel..but if i am casting say tumblers, i can also be loading the kiln, doing deco work..ect. i can produce alot of work while still working! it is awesome. i am working on building up my mold i can cast complete sets in one go...the new slip is from cambells clay, called..the name escapes me..but it is white fires up to cone ten, cast extremely well..