Friday, February 27, 2009


first, thank you to all who wrote their support, and to all who kept my dog and i in their thoughts and prayers...i am feeling more level today, just sad, mazzy is such a part of me. i went for a hike with maebelles my other dog, who thinks mazzy is her mom. i got mae maes when she was four weeks old, from a p.o.s guy who was breeding them for fighting, in west philly. mae belles has not known life without mazzy. she is really out f sorts, and sits on the front lawn, waiting for mazzy to come back from one of her expeditions. mae belles never leaves the property, while mazzy enjoyed roaming. that is why she is alive today i believe. my friends are helping and supporting me thropugh this. i feel love for everyone..i feel clsoe to god, and it is just as deeply sad and quiet as it is gigantic and joyful. emma asks alot where mazzy is. this is hard on me. i wish she would understand...i am doing work, i don't know any different. my work is my life. .but it has been a slow week. i got into every show i applied for, most of them coming in last week and this week. but i don't really care so much. i will later i am sure...i love my life, even in its sadness. i feel so connected to life. i am going to start painting again, my friend is giving me an easel. my spirit cries for color to release and celebrate mazzy. i am also making her an urn for the ashes, i haven't thought what i want to do, just that i will make one. here are some commissions.tomm. i will post some new slip work. looks good. one is a mustache mug, that was fun to make, will make more. tell someone you love them today.


PancerBali said...

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prin said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. *hugs*

(And sorry for reviving an old post, but I had to say something.)