Thursday, February 12, 2009


where have i been you might ask? good question, i had to return the fancy camera i was borrowing, and just haven,t had the urge to blog.the slip-cast kiln came out awesome! some of the piecswarped a bit, but for the most part , the work looks top-notch..i am working with some new molds, that areshull cups, that i sculpted. i am waiting for the slip to dry in the molds to see how they work. they are two piece molds. each one took a couple of hours to make. one has pennies for eyes...whooo..well, today i am troubleshooting the new batch of slip, it seems to be cracking in the mold..i have added a bit more ball clay to loosen it up. i didn't measure it. just throw some in, kinda of like i cook. we will see. i hope to get a camera this weekend..and will show you some of the new work

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Red Hot Pottery said...

yes--we want to seeeeeeeeeee!!!!