Saturday, February 28, 2009


yeppers..someone use to say "yeppers"all the time..was it family, friend?..try it out for yourself. i say it quite often. here are some more finished pieces, from the test kiln. i am trying out a commercial slip. it works great. so, i will order fifty gallons and let the party start. i am feeling like working today, which is good, for i have much work to do. a busy potter is a happy potter....on a funny note, i live a larry david sort of life, scenes straight out of "curb your enthusiasm"..every day an adventure. today i went to the gym, worked out with my buddy freddy. it was a good work out. we push each other. he was on the decline bench machine, a cross hybrid between free weights and circut machine. i was helping with is last couple reps., holding the bar, and well he gave out and i didn't let go. i was pull into him, my face an inch from his. it smushed my fingers good. the same fingers i smushed in the garage door two days ago..well if you had been watching us, it look like i bent in and was kissing him. we were dying laughing!..this gruff looking old man who was broader than he was tall came over and said" you ladies lifting or are you playing?", he then sat down and pumped out ten reps like it was no problem. he then informed us that he used to do twice that when he was our age. the look on his face said .."you two ladies are wimps"..well, i tried not to laugh, but i was still tickled by the almost make out scene that happened. he said alright fellas, and walked away. we made his day i am sure! after my workout i was on my way to get groceries , when my friend jay called and said stop by stick boy where he was working. i needed a"protein load" i ordered a smoothie with 3 scoops of protein powder, peanut butter, banana, and soymilk. well the smoothie was more like cement and it about broke the machine. the girl was flustered, and i was saying we got get a protein l;oad here, t-minus 30 and counting..(the body takes protein best i hour after a workout)..people were trying to help her, at one point she said "why do you need this much protein? i busted aflex and said the pythons are hungry. she hadn't expected that response i don't think....she was an exercise science major, so she took it all in stride...the scene ends with two shakes being made, since she had to add alot of liquid to it, and my friend saying to me, protein load?..are you taking this too far maybe., i said not at all. the protein window is closing fast..and the day has just begun;)

Friday, February 27, 2009


first, thank you to all who wrote their support, and to all who kept my dog and i in their thoughts and prayers...i am feeling more level today, just sad, mazzy is such a part of me. i went for a hike with maebelles my other dog, who thinks mazzy is her mom. i got mae maes when she was four weeks old, from a p.o.s guy who was breeding them for fighting, in west philly. mae belles has not known life without mazzy. she is really out f sorts, and sits on the front lawn, waiting for mazzy to come back from one of her expeditions. mae belles never leaves the property, while mazzy enjoyed roaming. that is why she is alive today i believe. my friends are helping and supporting me thropugh this. i feel love for everyone..i feel clsoe to god, and it is just as deeply sad and quiet as it is gigantic and joyful. emma asks alot where mazzy is. this is hard on me. i wish she would understand...i am doing work, i don't know any different. my work is my life. .but it has been a slow week. i got into every show i applied for, most of them coming in last week and this week. but i don't really care so much. i will later i am sure...i love my life, even in its sadness. i feel so connected to life. i am going to start painting again, my friend is giving me an easel. my spirit cries for color to release and celebrate mazzy. i am also making her an urn for the ashes, i haven't thought what i want to do, just that i will make one. here are some commissions.tomm. i will post some new slip work. looks good. one is a mustache mug, that was fun to make, will make more. tell someone you love them today.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

mazzy R.I.P. (1995-2009)

had to put my lab down yesterday. she passed with her head on my lap. i love her so much. i am very sad, this happened all too fast. antifreeze poisoning is a horrible way to die. her kidneys shut down, and i had no choice. if it weren't for all my beautiful friends and family, i might shut down myself. i see her in everything, she was my companion, i told her everything, dreams, fears, she danced with me and followed me loyally for the last 13 yrs. she was sweet and pure...and she has been my studio mate everyday i am working...thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, February 23, 2009

antifreeze poison.

my lab was poisoned with or by ingesting antifreeze yesterday. she is in bad shape. i am very upset. i will know if she will make it through by tomm. please pray for her. thanks

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thursday, February 19, 2009

save the date.

good! slip is good! slip good=life happy. i am busy loading the kiln and poring slip, doing deco, the race is on! i pick up my daughter is half an hour, then gym,..ect..i will post new work pics tonight around 9pm est. see you then!
here some more finished work..

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

staring at the sea..

here are some of the first test run, the tumblers are translucent, i really like that fragile glass-like quality to them. i am waiting fro the new slip to arrive, and will create a couple new molds, finish two mug commissions, and trouble shoot the slip a little more, i have come across a couple of options i haven't tried is a pic of emma i took yesterday, isn't she beautiful! i think so! .off to pot see ya!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


well, i have hit a wall... while the first batch of slip worked well, these last two batches have been hell. friggin bubbles, little tiny ones. i like bubbles, likle to blow them, play with them in the bath, but this is a different story..bubbles in my slip are hell on earth..yes, i sound dramatic, but i have spent three days of studio time, trying to trouble shoot this issue, and have adjusted, unadjusted, re-mixed, let stand,tapped, bumped, gently swirled, prayed, offered bribes, and well, i have had it! i have to produce work..period. so , i am waiting on a sample batch of slip that cambell's ceramics makes in viriginia..he says it is exactly what i am looking for. i hope so! i have a bunch of new thristy molds that are ready to go. if this slip does work..i will order 50 gallons of it, and be off and running. i would spend more time trying to figure this issue out, but i am frustrated, so i am frustrated so it is better to come back to it another day. i think the answer is i need a blunger, that can mix it slow for over twelve hours..right now i am just using my power drill, and i can only stand there for about ten minutes before i go crazy..the maddening part is the first batch was good, and i really didn't do anything different!, i am out of dry mix,...really i would rather spend my time making molds, and doing deco, design work that making slip. i am totally okay with someone else doing that. as long as i nuy in large quantity, there isn't much difference..except the lack of a headache that this slippage has been giving me. i can live with that! well here are some shots of things that are happening, i will post some nice finished work shots up tomm..

Sunday, February 15, 2009

action baby! just got the new camera, and here are some quick pics of the goings ons around the studio..i will post some finished work tomm. night, and give a longer description of what has been happening..right now it is casting time..bye!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

that it..

i am buying a camera tonight...i must blog with pictures!!!! ihave so much to show it is piling up around here. i have turned into a slipcastin' factory..check back tomm. for the fresh off the press first edition..extra!extra! pics and thoughts of a great week in at the mulberry cove studio..

Thursday, February 12, 2009


where have i been you might ask? good question, i had to return the fancy camera i was borrowing, and just haven,t had the urge to blog.the slip-cast kiln came out awesome! some of the piecswarped a bit, but for the most part , the work looks top-notch..i am working with some new molds, that areshull cups, that i sculpted. i am waiting for the slip to dry in the molds to see how they work. they are two piece molds. each one took a couple of hours to make. one has pennies for eyes...whooo..well, today i am troubleshooting the new batch of slip, it seems to be cracking in the mold..i have added a bit more ball clay to loosen it up. i didn't measure it. just throw some in, kinda of like i cook. we will see. i hope to get a camera this weekend..and will show you some of the new work

Monday, February 9, 2009

first firing..

i am running the first kiln load of is a small one, i want to see how the clay woks with the glazes, and reacts to being fired to cone 6..2232 f degrees! hot! it is so thin, i can't wait see how the kiln plays out. more pics tomm.. have a good day!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

working hard..

busy day, lots of sun, snow melt and fun. emma and i went to the gym, then came home and did some clean up projects. she really took the lead...she was very determined to get every leaf out of the corner. then we hiked and played out in the yard..i started three commissions that must be finished by monday! little pressure always helps me get the work done. so i wil fire the kiln monday instead of tonight..gotta run, if you have ever had a toddler, you will know what i mean when i say i can't even hear myself think!..emma is holding my leg going daddy daddy daddy..! well.....blogger is not uploading, i will try later..