Sunday, January 11, 2009


i have done it again..this happened last year. i started drawing alot after my last show, and purchased a print gocco. next thing i know, i am full on making cards, prints and t-shirts..i really fell away from the clay. it has happened again, i start traveling on a different road with my work, all of a sudden, i am fantasizing about t-shirt designs and the differentprint runs i want to do with my gocco..i am supossed to be knee deep in learning the slip-casting process.
this is not a bad thing at all to explore other areas with my art, i just need to have balance and direction. i am writing this mostly for me, to help re-direct my focus.
so this up-coming week i will get back into the clay...yet i will not abandon the design-work, i believe doing both will be nice, enhancing each other.
here are some more runs of the squire fellow..i really like the prints that are over the pictures, it gives off a dream-like quality.
today, i will be playing with my daughter, we will do a hike, make some lunch, make some art, take a nap(i will draw during this..i love to draw!)..and then some ping-pong games!


RedHotPottery said...

Can't stop the creative flow, huh? Just keep going wherever it takes you--these are beautiful!!! I love the one with the red dot.... said...

thanks, red dot is my favorite too..great composition..