Friday, January 30, 2009

two piece mason jar

success! after a couple of messy failures with the clay blocking and slip going everywhere, i got a complete mold of an old school mason jars, which make as we all know, the best drinking cups of all time, specially in the summatyme. i am mixing slip up tonight and doing some more tumbler molds, just got a 1960's tupper ware plastic cup to take, it has a nice tupperware insigna on the bottom which, i am hoping to get sued over as i start cranking out the clay cups with their logo. any publicity is good publicity right? more tomm. have a great night. the 3 pics are 1.clay blocking the glass, this one didn't take, the next one i just stuck in a block of clay and the wirecut. perfect! 2.thee first plaster pour, the bumps are male keys to insure proper fittage..oh clay work can get so dirty;) 3. the finished mold waiting for heat stage before i pull the glass out


RedHotPottery said...

yay Jeff--you did it!! I am so inspired to make some molds now. Can't wait to see your new work. said...

thanks christine, join on in!..slipcasting in the year of the ox!