Wednesday, January 14, 2009

love bandit fashion robbery..

feeling crunky today, my duaghter has acold and i feel like i am sharing a little bit of the funkness with her. my head is woozy, maybe that is why the original love bandit nadia is wearing a halter-top is this weather. what is she thinking? this is part one of a series of gocco-iluustrations i will be putting in my esty store...she is part gocco print part hand drawn..and all love..100% original...done on 7X10 arches cotton rag 140 hot pressed smooth stock paper. really nice paper used for block prints is what that loosely translates to...more to come later..on a side note..i do believe i have a crush on my drawing..what is up with dat?!

here is nadia with a sun shirt on..very light material, mostly silk...

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