Wednesday, January 28, 2009

into the mold..

well day two of the mold making slipcasting extravaganza. last night was exciting, with lots of action. i learned quickly two basic rules. plastic cups float, and glass sticks.
my first try with a old-school yellow cup was a disaster. first the cup floated up while pouring the plaster! big problem, i dumped the plaster back, stuffed the cup with clay and tried again, only to realize that i didn't have enough plaster to cover the whole piece. sooo, i ran inside grabbed a small glass, ran out stuffed clay in as a weight, flipped it and re-re-pored the same plaster in. success! or so i thought. after all was said and done, i found that the glass was stuck in the plaster and would not budge. it would have to be done in a two piece mold, which i am not ready to try yet. i then sculpted a tumbler out of solid clay. it seemed to work great, except it is taking forever for the plaster to dry and the clay release. tthis morning, fresh start, i threw a tumbler form and tried that. best result so far. i like the solid forms, they are very minimalistic, but it is taking forever! for them to dry in the mold. the thrown piece seems to be the least laborious...i will continue to focus on the cup form for the next month and see what evolves. so far it is alot of fun. i will do some slip pouring tomm. to see how well these prototypes work! i learned that working with plaster is not as hard as i thought, just more planning and steps involved, but once a form is molded, i can make it over and over again. also, i learned that i love the smell of fresh plaster, very clean and airy..

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