Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i am going to do a slip mold today. taken me a bit to get around to it. i have to go to the hardware store to get some supplies. i am going to make a copy of a drinking glass that i like the shape of. i hope for success, but am okay if this take a while to figure out.
also my grandpa is sick still, so i need to keep an eye on him. while i feel bad that is sick and wish he would get better, it is nice that he is not mean. becomes more child-like. old age is a bitch on the body if you live long enough...
on the side i will finish a commission, mail some orders, make some valentine day mugs,.. then it it time to pick up my daughter. she is going to go to my spin class with me, they have childcare! so nice, we can both burn some energy her with kids her age, and i can get some miles in the saddle. for me the gym is a must in the winter. or i get myself in a tight spot with the winter blues. nothing like good exercise to liberate the mind! more pics later! have a goodday. this really cool blog mention my work..check it out, she has nice stuff!
and..here is a pic of my emma, on our daily hike behind the house..isn't she beautiful! she is riding her horsey..(a stick), why do i spend money on toys for her, she is happy with dirt,sticks,water,and rocks!

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