Thursday, January 22, 2009

back in the saddle..

wow. a whole month wnet by and i did not touch clay. feels good to be back in the studio! i was like.."what is missing from my life?'' no, never really had none, women, mhmmm no got my hands full with a two and half year old firecracker, riding bikes...well kindaa, but i have been taking spin classes, which by the way kick my ass, the girl teaching it is a monster in the saddle. pure ounishment on the heart and legs..i love it.., what could it be? why am i slightly mad(crazy) and confused, like i have no goals or ambitions...aha! yes, it is the clay..i need it it! is part of my soul now. i crave the grounding wenergy that comes after a long day in the studio. the feelings of satisfication as the clay moves from lump to fired piece, around forever!(or until broken.the mediative quality of throwing forms on the wheel, which to this day sees like majic to me..falling asleep with new ideas and designs swirling in my mind, waking up to open a fired kiln...ahhh the life of a potter! a never ending cycle of sweat, smiles, and tears! oh how lucky i am. my office only steps from my door. music all day if i want..dogs layiung around, working in my pajamas.yes, a break was all i needed for me to see how lucky i am. now off to pull handles..sweet handles!


Kip said...

I have really enjoyed all of the printmaking over the past month, but I'm must say, I am glad to see you back in the mud! said...

thanks too!