Friday, January 30, 2009

two piece mason jar

success! after a couple of messy failures with the clay blocking and slip going everywhere, i got a complete mold of an old school mason jars, which make as we all know, the best drinking cups of all time, specially in the summatyme. i am mixing slip up tonight and doing some more tumbler molds, just got a 1960's tupper ware plastic cup to take, it has a nice tupperware insigna on the bottom which, i am hoping to get sued over as i start cranking out the clay cups with their logo. any publicity is good publicity right? more tomm. have a great night. the 3 pics are 1.clay blocking the glass, this one didn't take, the next one i just stuck in a block of clay and the wirecut. perfect! 2.thee first plaster pour, the bumps are male keys to insure proper fittage..oh clay work can get so dirty;) 3. the finished mold waiting for heat stage before i pull the glass out

Thursday, January 29, 2009


moldness. this is the area of my brain now. part mold. starting see everything in terms of could i make a mold out of that? what steps would it take.. are there undercuts..i am going to attempt a two piece mold today. i told myself to wait until next week, to concentrate on one-piece molds this hell with that, life is to short in the studio. the time is now. make or do not make..there is no try. yoda was a potter i believe, or at least friends with one. most of his food vessels were made out of clay. okay..i have made four successful molds so far, i am waiting for them to cure, before slipcasting starts. the plaster goes through a chemical process that gives it strength and porous-ness. the ability to wick water away from the liquid clay(slip) are two drinking vessels, that will be cast after this blog entry. i like taking my time on the design, i don't throw these thin, the walls are thicker than my normal work. this gives me a better edge in refining the form. i am not pushing the clay to its structural limits. i like thinking about the design as a set. how will six of these look together? i am excited, for once i get a good formi will be able to make exact sets. this is very different from my throwing style, which focuses more on alike-ness, than exactness...more pics later..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

into the mold..

well day two of the mold making slipcasting extravaganza. last night was exciting, with lots of action. i learned quickly two basic rules. plastic cups float, and glass sticks.
my first try with a old-school yellow cup was a disaster. first the cup floated up while pouring the plaster! big problem, i dumped the plaster back, stuffed the cup with clay and tried again, only to realize that i didn't have enough plaster to cover the whole piece. sooo, i ran inside grabbed a small glass, ran out stuffed clay in as a weight, flipped it and re-re-pored the same plaster in. success! or so i thought. after all was said and done, i found that the glass was stuck in the plaster and would not budge. it would have to be done in a two piece mold, which i am not ready to try yet. i then sculpted a tumbler out of solid clay. it seemed to work great, except it is taking forever for the plaster to dry and the clay release. tthis morning, fresh start, i threw a tumbler form and tried that. best result so far. i like the solid forms, they are very minimalistic, but it is taking forever! for them to dry in the mold. the thrown piece seems to be the least laborious...i will continue to focus on the cup form for the next month and see what evolves. so far it is alot of fun. i will do some slip pouring tomm. to see how well these prototypes work! i learned that working with plaster is not as hard as i thought, just more planning and steps involved, but once a form is molded, i can make it over and over again. also, i learned that i love the smell of fresh plaster, very clean and airy..

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


i am going to do a slip mold today. taken me a bit to get around to it. i have to go to the hardware store to get some supplies. i am going to make a copy of a drinking glass that i like the shape of. i hope for success, but am okay if this take a while to figure out.
also my grandpa is sick still, so i need to keep an eye on him. while i feel bad that is sick and wish he would get better, it is nice that he is not mean. becomes more child-like. old age is a bitch on the body if you live long enough...
on the side i will finish a commission, mail some orders, make some valentine day mugs,.. then it it time to pick up my daughter. she is going to go to my spin class with me, they have childcare! so nice, we can both burn some energy her with kids her age, and i can get some miles in the saddle. for me the gym is a must in the winter. or i get myself in a tight spot with the winter blues. nothing like good exercise to liberate the mind! more pics later! have a goodday. this really cool blog mention my work..check it out, she has nice stuff! is a pic of my emma, on our daily hike behind the house..isn't she beautiful! she is riding her horsey..(a stick), why do i spend money on toys for her, she is happy with dirt,sticks,water,and rocks!

Monday, January 26, 2009

demo today..

i am giving a demo today at my studio for some highscool students who are "at risk" kinda people. i am at risk myself...a wee bit loco you know..check back later for pics of the are some pics..great fun, they really got into it. a couple of the girls can draw much better than me. they will be back next week to glaze the cups. my dogs stayed awake for one hour and tyhen passed out. they are becoming senior citizen dogs for sure....i would love to work with inner city kids some day. we don't have an inner city here, but this was awesome. i can relate to where they are at, i was a troubled teen, more like a teen causin' trouble..

Sunday, January 25, 2009


off to get chicken for gramps..

Friday, January 23, 2009


unable to get blog camera to function...the story is i am potting again. did some deco work on mug forms that i had thrown a while ago and then wrapped in plastic. felt good. i will ease back into the roumtine, and will post some pics tomm. of works in progress..good night to you! here is a pic from this summers, work, just for kicks..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

back in the saddle..

wow. a whole month wnet by and i did not touch clay. feels good to be back in the studio! i was like.."what is missing from my life?'' no, never really had none, women, mhmmm no got my hands full with a two and half year old firecracker, riding bikes...well kindaa, but i have been taking spin classes, which by the way kick my ass, the girl teaching it is a monster in the saddle. pure ounishment on the heart and legs..i love it.., what could it be? why am i slightly mad(crazy) and confused, like i have no goals or ambitions...aha! yes, it is the clay..i need it it! is part of my soul now. i crave the grounding wenergy that comes after a long day in the studio. the feelings of satisfication as the clay moves from lump to fired piece, around forever!(or until broken.the mediative quality of throwing forms on the wheel, which to this day sees like majic to me..falling asleep with new ideas and designs swirling in my mind, waking up to open a fired kiln...ahhh the life of a potter! a never ending cycle of sweat, smiles, and tears! oh how lucky i am. my office only steps from my door. music all day if i want..dogs layiung around, working in my pajamas.yes, a break was all i needed for me to see how lucky i am. now off to pull handles..sweet handles!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

quick sketch..

snow ice grandpa sick emma school open half day spin class grcery shopping drugstore bank mail orders dogs eat more emma more grandpa little art cabin fever need clay fingernails clean apron clean room cold studio small fire too much facebook cabin fever sunshine? must create or deflate tommorrow and tommorrow today a happens. five minutes to release my madnees, slight positions female beauty is an open flower on a ancient mountain volcano.

Monday, January 19, 2009

milk(a short story)

got some snow today. got my truck in a ditch and got it out. now watching someone else have a tow truck try to get them out. ice is real bad on one section of the road. big ole duele truck got stuck. they are from Miami and not so happy, all their luggage is wrapped up in the back of the truck in big black trashbags. at least that is what they told me. they are from Miami ya know. i let one come use my bathroom. grandpa let him know that his truck was "pretty stuck". he was in the bathroom a while, maybe he liked my literature. i gave him a piece of cornbread and a plastic cup of water. afterwards, i realized that i should have given him some milk instead. who eats crumbly cast iron country cooked cornbread with water? he did. i imagine him telling other miamians, that we are strange folk up here, eating cornbread and water. the tow truck left, just backed up and left. now they are huddled inside the truck. i gave them each a string cheese stick and a homemade brownie to hold them over. their women have left. maybe they are happy with just the snow, and cheese stick, and brownie. i couldn't carry any water down there. cheese has water right? anyways cheese stick are better than regular cheese. it has been proven. when you pull the cheese string down, flavor molecules are ripped in half, producing an intense cheese flavor-burst. i know this from experience. i grabbed the bag of pistachios for a second, but my hand, as if guide by a higher force put them back. the cheese-string was on sale, the pistachios were is starting to get dark out. the snow softly falls slowing down the light some. sled marks scar my hill, reminders that being out of control a little is fun. being stuck in a ditch is not. how my truck got out last night is a miracle. those happen alot to me. i wonder if it is because i cry when i pray, or because i pray when i cry. either way, there are many angels asignned to my ass. ones just for ice and snow. possibly just for ditches. the kids always leave their sled out scattered like neon alien trash across my yard. i used to do the same thing. i am an adult now, so suddenly this is very wrong. kids these days. the tow-truck guy is still gone. maybe the guys refused to share their brownies, and he got mad. i don't blame them.i only gave them a couple, in hopes that they would forget about the cornbread. but alas, i supplied no milk. obviously, i got no work done today, not even a drawing.i am forgetting what clay feels like. enough is enough i will work mannana. i wish the tow truck would come back, i guess i will go down and see those guys. maybe bring them some milk.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


i am not bad i am just drawn that way..

Friday, January 16, 2009

inspired fridayz (video)

a little late, my daughter has been real sick for the last two days..i feel soooo fortunate that i can pause my work and be with her. also am very grateful to live in a country were doctors are always available. emma's doc. is top notch, he really cares and is good...nothing like having a sickly child to bring you to the present and realize what really matters. and thank you for heat! it is very cold in the mountains, i pray for those without tonight...
here is a good video, simple but good. i like the clicking in the background..anyone who hangs out with a electric kiln will know what i to my day i hope to be firing with wood,oil or trash, just gimmie some fire dammit and i'll be happy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

102.9 f

this is my duaghters temp. this morning...she is sick and i will be with her..more tomm..tell someone you love them is good for your health!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

love bandit fashion robbery..

feeling crunky today, my duaghter has acold and i feel like i am sharing a little bit of the funkness with her. my head is woozy, maybe that is why the original love bandit nadia is wearing a halter-top is this weather. what is she thinking? this is part one of a series of gocco-iluustrations i will be putting in my esty store...she is part gocco print part hand drawn..and all love..100% original...done on 7X10 arches cotton rag 140 hot pressed smooth stock paper. really nice paper used for block prints is what that loosely translates to...more to come later..on a side note..i do believe i have a crush on my drawing..what is up with dat?!

here is nadia with a sun shirt on..very light material, mostly silk...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

love bandit

a new gocco run..the bottom pic is small moleskin sketch pads, that will be for sale in my etsy store soon...
off to take my grandpa to get ahaircut and fingersnails manicured..that is right manicured..he loves it. he is 89 and has dementia, i am his caretaker..somedays are preety exciting around here...this weekend i spent some quality time getting all the guns out of the house..again! the neighbors had brought them all back. he likes to have a loaded gun, just in case of what, i ain't going to let happen, so the bullets are gone, and most of the guns have been removed..maybe he is the love bandit!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


i have done it again..this happened last year. i started drawing alot after my last show, and purchased a print gocco. next thing i know, i am full on making cards, prints and t-shirts..i really fell away from the clay. it has happened again, i start traveling on a different road with my work, all of a sudden, i am fantasizing about t-shirt designs and the differentprint runs i want to do with my gocco..i am supossed to be knee deep in learning the slip-casting process.
this is not a bad thing at all to explore other areas with my art, i just need to have balance and direction. i am writing this mostly for me, to help re-direct my focus.
so this up-coming week i will get back into the clay...yet i will not abandon the design-work, i believe doing both will be nice, enhancing each other.
here are some more runs of the squire fellow..i really like the prints that are over the pictures, it gives off a dream-like quality.
today, i will be playing with my daughter, we will do a hike, make some lunch, make some art, take a nap(i will draw during this..i love to draw!)..and then some ping-pong games!

Friday, January 9, 2009

new gocco

busy boyee. couple new print runs, for sale in my etsy store

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

more gocco..

here are some more gocco designs that i am going to work on today..finally got back on the wheel ans threw some mugs, feels good to be back in the clay..