Monday, December 1, 2008

un pequito snow.

bit of a snow storm happening right now. i am trying to get my daughter ready for school. the kiln came out great, and i will be posting some pics, of some large work, is a new tumbler in my etsy shop., how that cyprus hill song go.."don't you know that i am loco..".have a good day! oh yes, paige who has a cool blog here... gave me props on this new tumbler, right out the gates!..thanks paige!
and if you happen to be in town , there is a lecture tonight where my work part of the gift given to the lecturers. here is the link, it is all about design with conscious-ness... the power of design lectures..there that is about all the plugging i can stand. you got to do it though, getting your name out there is VERY important as an full-time plug away art-peeps!

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