Sunday, November 23, 2008

spin spin sugar functional remix (video)

these are "greenware", i haven't added underglaze color yet..(although now they are fired, the kiln came out so sweet,no cracked platters!)


Deborah Woods said...

These are awesome Jeff. I really like it when you incorporate the stripes with your other carvings. Kind of a nice contrast. I can't believe how much work these must take. said...

thanks deb,. the stripes, funniliy enough, started out as a time saver. i had to crank out some work really quick one day, and the stripes just appeared. i like them to, they give the design a good finish. i used to think that i put a lot of work into each mug, but after doing large pieces, with hours of carving., the mugs are no time at all. i spend anywhere from ten minutes to half an hour carving on each mug. this is after carving many many many mugs! at first, it took what seemed forever to do one mug.