Friday, November 7, 2008

back that jass up...

jass was what jazz was origianlly called, "jass" meaning sex in the new orleans area early 20th century...right..being the begining of a new year, and the fact that i am still trying to aquire a camera for blogging...what better time to jump back in time and see what i was up to..

i will be going out to the parkway school, to give a demo to the seventh? graders there. i have done this a couple of times before, and it is alot of fun. i plan on doing deco work on a large bottle form. the week has been a busy one, i am making some big forms, and trying to solve my platter cracking problem, these two seem to be okay, i have kept them covered, and then put stilts underneath so air flows around the whole platter., one issue could be that the plaster bats are keeping the bottoms too moist. i really like how the plates pop off though, with large platters, wire cutting them is a ridiculous procedure, ya feel me!....the kiln looks to have come out beautiful this morning. i will be posting some new pics this sunday..
.i am seeing so much potential in my work, and in my life right now. i feel very grateful for these gifts. it is so poetic for me, this symbolism that is occurring. there is change and hope taking place on a global level, i feel this energy in my own life. i do believe in synchronicity. even though there is a lot of healing happening just by his being elected, he will not solve our problems. you see, the greatness of this man's mind is that is understands this. we on a individual level are responsible for the change.
"be the change you wish to see in the world" -ghandi..
i wish you a blessed day.

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