Friday, November 28, 2008

new work for sale..

here is a large platter and large mug that just went up for sale in my etsy store....i have figured out a series of steps that insure no crack-age!'(fingers crossed). it seems that the larger you go, the more technical issues there are to deal with. i am off to finish painting a very large charger(platter) 22" across, and the do some hand-building in two statues that are almost finished, followed by some design work for a t-shirt that i was asked to do(top-secret, not allowed to talk about the specifics), then it is lunch with mother-dearest, followed by some more clay work. emma-dill is at the beach with her mother, so i am cranking up the work-output a bit. i won't ever quit with the art, know this! have a good-day, live it up.

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