Saturday, October 25, 2008

when i woke up from this sleep..

i could never waste another day...i am not doing our towns last farmer's market this morning. just don't feel like it. the weather is yucky, wet.cold..wouldn't expect much of a turnout really. so, i will use the morning to take some pictures of the new work, ..i am going to start working my etsy store again, and the plan is to have a rotating stock that will consist of the best pieces out of each kiln. they will first be shown in the etsy store and then if unsold after a month will be moved towards a gallery. the pictures will also be for my portfolio used to approach galleries, and shows. finally, i need to revamp my website, it is over a year old and really the work has changed a bit since then...i will post some of the new works here a little later so check back!..finally i want to send a shout of thanks to deborah woods, a fantastic potter who purchased a mug of mine, and has a great blog here...thanks for the spotlight deborah! it really feels good when another artist pays the ultimate compliment and includes your work in their life...okay off to photograph, have a good morning, and see you soon! these are some of the examples of what i will be putting in my etsy store over the next couple of days. i need to figure out how to photograph the masks, so i can show their 3-d quality...hmmm. okay off to get a bit of work done before i pick up my daughter..

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