Thursday, October 30, 2008

mucho trabaja..

this will have to be short, i have a full day. i pick up my daughter from montesorri school at 2.30 every day. i have been keeping a record of my studio hours as of late. for the most part i am doing internet "stuff"/breakfast/getting emma ready for school/and after my mom leaves this weekend, i will be caretaking for grandpa full-time, which entails making breakfast and giving meds..i also try and clean up a bit in the studio. this puts me to work at about 10, and i break for a half hour lunch, and work till 220, go get emma, and then don't get back into the studio until night and work until bedtime. i rather not split up my time in the studio, it makes it challenging to get into a good flow. this is how it is though. it is making me become better at ultlizing the time i do have. i also like to have multiple projects going on so that i am constantly moving, the ideas seem to evolve in this mode. i am currently building stock up for my visit to baby..!..i used to live there and part of my heart is philly, no doubt;)..i will be visiting friends and approaching 3-4 choice galleries/boutiques, about showing/selling my work. i will go to new hope, pa, a funky little town, that has a great gallery scene. we used to go there every now and then, and the nergy was very strong there for me..i can't explain it, just a geographic resonation. so , the slipcasting.mold-making will have to be put off until dec/jan, depending on the holiday business... that is all for now i will be posting a new etsy piece after lunch..chao! is the new tumbler for came out real nice..i love to draw feet, something about painting the nails;)


Deborah Woods said...

You get an awful lot done with limited time. Sounds like you have your hands full. Good luck with Philly. I am planning to go to Philadelphia in 2010 for NCECA. I haven't been since 2001 when it was in Denver. Of course I say I am going to go every year. said...

yes, i am often battling the state of mom has been here this summer, which has helped beyond measure..i just got to try and keep it in a day, and ride my bike to stay sane!..and the teapot handle..i had not thought about that, i will have to see how hot it gets and let you know..