Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i will finish up deco work on a round of mugs and goblets, and load the bisque kiln. maybe sneak in a bike ride before i pick up emma from school..she is soooo cute don't you think?....i picked out here outfit for last nights low-country boil... coco and emma had a wrestling match, damn dem shrimp is good!...i still have yet to add color to the wwork you see here, i will do that today. i use commercial underglazes..peace


Deborah Woods said...

Oh no jeff, you've captured my attention again with that love reigns cup. I can't afford to be so enamored with your work. said...

heh..heh..thanks, i know the feeling, it's really nice that someone would go into the poorhouse over my work. that is a point of twisted success, no?...hey i sent your mug today, be on the look-out. it should be there fri/sat...finally i would be up for a trade if you like, money really is boring, and i like your work just fine..