Tuesday, October 21, 2008

little ride..

feeling good, just plugging away. the news for today.. will finish up a plate commission, and do a bunch of mugs and tumblers for this weeks kiln..saw the darjeeling express, great movie....my friend had to kill a black bear two days ago, he repeatly waas killing lance's chickens and destroying his bee boxes....said the bear charged him after first shot, two more took him down..that's how it is up here, the bear meat has been divided up between some families..he said he was pretty numb about it, since on the day he had to shoot the bear, he also found out his dad had died..talk about a intense day!..emma is asking why about everything, it is viral i think, mmost of the kids in her class are saying the same thing..why.why.why?..finally i got up to 47mph on my road bike, fastest ever for me!...that's all to report for now...here are some pics from yesterdays ride, dig the large praying mantas... i love living in the mountains!


Patricia Griffin said...

Love your enthusiasm for life! It's contagious and makes me feel all happy this morning. Plus, I get to really MOVE to the coast (ocean, trails, mountains, pine forests) and your pics are reminding me that I'm so lucky too! We take our first load of the move over tomorrow!

No bears where we are... Well, maybe there are. Sure are bobcats and coyotes.

Lions, tigers and bears. Oh my!

www.jeffmartinceramics.blogspot.com said...

hola patricia, are you moving to the west/east coast? for me there is something spiritual about the smokey mountains, i feel so alive here! yes, we have all three, plus red foxes, and mountain lions! also there are reportedly black panthers near the border, i don't know if i beelieve it or not, this girl swears she lived near a confirmed den! good luck with you move...