Tuesday, October 28, 2008

dos teapots!

brrrrrrrr..very chilly up in the hollar dis morn"..high around 30! thank goodness for the blessed fire coming from my little woodstove. i need to give the little gal a name..here are the two teapots that i am submitting to a teapot show this dec/jan. the have yet to be fired! under a deadline, i had forgot and whipped up these two real quick. i really like how they came out! i had no real idea of the form before i went into it. i feel very comfortable with spontaneous composition. they are a combination of wheel and hand building elements. i like the sculptural quality, and the one piece-ness. the handle is hollow and part of the vessel. the most challenging part was doing the carving work around the handle. and then there is emma's teapot. her artistic vision is just so ahead of her time, don't you think? she really did do the spout placement...proud papa i am! i will post 360 pics when they are done. i also will be posting a new etsy piece today, as i work on re-building the stock there. hope you are well where-ever you are.


Judy Shreve said...

I love your t-pot form - but where's the lid? Seriously - they are fabulous especially considering you did them so spontaneously. I like how you treated the handle.

www.jeffmartinceramics.blogspot.com said...

the lid or lid hole is on the other topside. i plan on carving a wooden cork for them. yes, i wanted the pots to be one piece, and yet still convey the teapot form. like they were carved from wood or stone..we'll see how functional they are!..

Deborah Woods said...

I love the handle concept. My only concern is that I wonder in actual use if you will be able to hold it with hot tea in it, if the tea is circulating through the handle. Maybe you could wrap the handle in cane or something if it turns out to be an issue. but I love the idea.