Sunday, October 19, 2008

day one..

this is how it is with me, always coming up in a new skin. not like a snake subtracting, but more as a peacock re-pluming. more growth more colors..this next week i am aiming to dive into the art of mold-making and slip-casting. to create more sculptural work with a stronger symbolic and literal sense, and...more color. the ideas have built up to the point that a body of work is visualized and the time for action is here. you would think i was embarking on some grat save the princess conquest with the way i am being so textually dramatic, well in a sense this is my adventure and i am feeling on the cusp of greatness in my work. not in a cocky way, like "man i am the best", but more to the tune of i am channeling this energy that is indeed great, and is available to all i believe, if the mind and heart are open to the possibilities...i will attempt to be diligent about recording this next pahse in my work on show the power of manifestation. i know nothing about slip-casting, other the the book by andrew martin that have devoured over the last the first step is to make a materials list and head down to asheville! sweet i love the trip to ash-vegas, i hope to stop and visit a couple of studios while down i will be cleaning up the studio, do a bit of deco. work, and stocking hands gallery with leftover show stock, which isn't much thanks to all the lovely support i have been getting. here are some pics of yesterdays show. so nice to meet you if you are reading this blog for the first time!...oh yes, and the dude with his tongue sticking out is ben gufford , a very talented potter from goldsboro, it was nice to meet you ben! oh yes, one more thing, the lady with the large bottle bought it due to the fact that she had a dream the night before about taking care of a baby elephant with spots..and this bottle has just that! strange but true folks! she was about in tears, very cool experience..


Deborah Woods said...

Hi Jeff. Do you let people know to check out your blog so they can see their photos up here? Also, I was going to say that I love that vase the woman in the yellowish shirt bought. I'm not a big bottle fan, but that one is great. You should have my $$ any time now. Can't wait! said...

yes, i let them know. i believe that it is a great way to show the complete cycle of my work and also a great way to let new customers know what i am up to and keep them connected. cool i will send your mug off today!