Tuesday, October 7, 2008

back from atl...

i'm back. got back yesterday, but was too bus with the following to blog...slept in(got in at 1am)..met with friend for sushi-lunch(his treat)..got lost on bike ride(a quick 15miler, turned into a 26 mile ride.) picked up emma, and we rode around trying to find out where this jack-russel might have lived..he decided that he wanted to live in my studio and harrass my female dogs and he had fleas! i friggin hate fleas!..he had to go pronto!..this ate up four hours, i just left him outside locked out of the studio last night, no sign of him this morning..then finished the day playing with emma at the tot-lot park, and a meeting with friends..yesterday was a decompression day couldn't ya tell?...anyways, the norcross show was a bit slower than i'd liked..the crowd was a little bit on the conservative side.i did make some sales and think i broke even overall...won't do that show again, however..now i am readying for a four day show down in pittsboro,nc, called shakori hills...i always seem to very well at this show so, my hopes are up! here are some pics of the show..harp and flute player were madding, they played non-stop all weekend, they were even driving the haircut poster lady crazy!...much to do this week before the show, i will talk more later..

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Judy Shreve said...

Too funny about the harp music. It drove us crazy & we were only there a couple of hours! I'm sorry your sales weren't great - your booth was fabulous. That show seemed somewhat mixed with art & some low-end craft. Is it a new show? I went last year but don't remember hearing about it before then.
It's always nice to meet a fellow blogger though : > )