Friday, October 31, 2008

Thursday, October 30, 2008

mucho trabaja..

this will have to be short, i have a full day. i pick up my daughter from montesorri school at 2.30 every day. i have been keeping a record of my studio hours as of late. for the most part i am doing internet "stuff"/breakfast/getting emma ready for school/and after my mom leaves this weekend, i will be caretaking for grandpa full-time, which entails making breakfast and giving meds..i also try and clean up a bit in the studio. this puts me to work at about 10, and i break for a half hour lunch, and work till 220, go get emma, and then don't get back into the studio until night and work until bedtime. i rather not split up my time in the studio, it makes it challenging to get into a good flow. this is how it is though. it is making me become better at ultlizing the time i do have. i also like to have multiple projects going on so that i am constantly moving, the ideas seem to evolve in this mode. i am currently building stock up for my visit to baby..!..i used to live there and part of my heart is philly, no doubt;)..i will be visiting friends and approaching 3-4 choice galleries/boutiques, about showing/selling my work. i will go to new hope, pa, a funky little town, that has a great gallery scene. we used to go there every now and then, and the nergy was very strong there for me..i can't explain it, just a geographic resonation. so , the slipcasting.mold-making will have to be put off until dec/jan, depending on the holiday business... that is all for now i will be posting a new etsy piece after lunch..chao! is the new tumbler for came out real nice..i love to draw feet, something about painting the nails;)

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

new tumbler..

here is a new tumbler that is in my etsy shop...i really like how the small amount of color pops out...the small bit of prose was just a feeling i put into words at the can click here for a closer look...thanks for looking.

dos teapots!

brrrrrrrr..very chilly up in the hollar dis morn"..high around 30! thank goodness for the blessed fire coming from my little woodstove. i need to give the little gal a are the two teapots that i am submitting to a teapot show this dec/jan. the have yet to be fired! under a deadline, i had forgot and whipped up these two real quick. i really like how they came out! i had no real idea of the form before i went into it. i feel very comfortable with spontaneous composition. they are a combination of wheel and hand building elements. i like the sculptural quality, and the one piece-ness. the handle is hollow and part of the vessel. the most challenging part was doing the carving work around the handle. and then there is emma's teapot. her artistic vision is just so ahead of her time, don't you think? she really did do the spout placement...proud papa i am! i will post 360 pics when they are done. i also will be posting a new etsy piece today, as i work on re-building the stock there. hope you are well where-ever you are.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

new mug for sale..

here is a new mug for sale in my etsy is an fishman holding some birds, with saying "everything is getting higher and higher" nod to toots and the maytals..most positive reggae holds about twelve oz. and is very well balanced in the on my etsy shop to buy..thanks for looking!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

when i woke up from this sleep..

i could never waste another day...i am not doing our towns last farmer's market this morning. just don't feel like it. the weather is yucky, wet.cold..wouldn't expect much of a turnout really. so, i will use the morning to take some pictures of the new work, ..i am going to start working my etsy store again, and the plan is to have a rotating stock that will consist of the best pieces out of each kiln. they will first be shown in the etsy store and then if unsold after a month will be moved towards a gallery. the pictures will also be for my portfolio used to approach galleries, and shows. finally, i need to revamp my website, it is over a year old and really the work has changed a bit since then...i will post some of the new works here a little later so check back!..finally i want to send a shout of thanks to deborah woods, a fantastic potter who purchased a mug of mine, and has a great blog here...thanks for the spotlight deborah! it really feels good when another artist pays the ultimate compliment and includes your work in their life...okay off to photograph, have a good morning, and see you soon! these are some of the examples of what i will be putting in my etsy store over the next couple of days. i need to figure out how to photograph the masks, so i can show their 3-d quality...hmmm. okay off to get a bit of work done before i pick up my daughter..

Friday, October 24, 2008


i will be part of a teapot invitational this spring, so today i will be working on some forms. i am going to go the art route here with just a slight nod to functionality. my focus will be on the sgraffito work. so there will be a spout, handle and top, but they will be subtle, so that the deco-work will be the focus. one of my clay hero's is rudy autio...besides that the glaze kiln is cooling and i am way to inside my head..oh well, some art-therapy will do me good now..peace.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


i will finish up deco work on a round of mugs and goblets, and load the bisque kiln. maybe sneak in a bike ride before i pick up emma from school..she is soooo cute don't you think?....i picked out here outfit for last nights low-country boil... coco and emma had a wrestling match, damn dem shrimp is good!...i still have yet to add color to the wwork you see here, i will do that today. i use commercial underglazes..peace

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

little ride..

feeling good, just plugging away. the news for today.. will finish up a plate commission, and do a bunch of mugs and tumblers for this weeks kiln..saw the darjeeling express, great friend had to kill a black bear two days ago, he repeatly waas killing lance's chickens and destroying his bee boxes....said the bear charged him after first shot, two more took him down..that's how it is up here, the bear meat has been divided up between some families..he said he was pretty numb about it, since on the day he had to shoot the bear, he also found out his dad had about a intense day!..emma is asking why about everything, it is viral i think, mmost of the kids in her class are saying the same thing..why.why.why?..finally i got up to 47mph on my road bike, fastest ever for me!...that's all to report for are some pics from yesterdays ride, dig the large praying mantas... i love living in the mountains!