Wednesday, September 3, 2008

the time is now..

yes. i am back on my bike today, been over a week since i have ridden...way too long, getting out on the trail with my boys is necessary. we are going to hit state-farm..i will try and get some is the second piece, i was in a trance towards the end of carving out this motif...i did the design in one sitting.4 hrs! of carving straight, no chaser...she has octopus,fish,and a worm for a necklace...there is a hand on here head with the words "the time is now"..i had just finished having a conversation about the devil with my christian friend..i was curious about why the devil was so scary looking..wasn't he a fallen angel? buddy said that his spirit was far from god and therefore mis-shapen..i love how we humans got the answer for it all..this work was too tall for my kiln, so i had to build a little wall around it. i need to manifest this ground-hog hybrid kiln i have in my head into the real deal! off to throw some commisssioned plates..peace.

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Deborah Woods said...

That's brilliant propping up your lid like that-I never would have thought of it.